January 28, 2017

Tags: Harder work than writing; reviews so important; which way to go? Public opinion

Marketing is a word that instills fear into the hearts of most writers who, like me, are on their own in their quest for recognition, for sales, for actual recouping of their investment.

Most of us would much rather be writing than racking our brains about give-aways, advertising, public speaking. But unless we are already famous in our field and have the backing of a publishing giant, we must put ourselves "out there", thrust our heads into the pillory of public opinion and prepare ourselves for whatever rotten tomatoes may be hurled at us.

Or, maybe, just maybe, one, two ... even three or four kind souls will take pity on us and--miracle of miracles--pour the warm, gentle water of approval into our parched mouths.

I, for one, will live in hope.

May you be cherished and your life be filled with Peace.


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