August 27, 2017

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Starting in January, 2017, I had resolved to add to my Blog regularly, but I guess you could say the Universe had other plans for me.

First of all, I couldn’t resist the pull of auditions for our local theatre group’s spring production of Noel Coward’s, Nude With Violin. This was to be my seventh appearance on stage as an adult. (I began acting as a child.) I sought, and acquired a small role this time—that of a French-speaking maid. And no, I’m far too mature for the fishnet-stockinged, short-skirted flirtatious variety. Marie-Celeste’s character was of the thick-black-stockinged, flat-shoed, high-necked, long-sleeved type with a voluminous white apron and mob cap. Fortunately, my six years of French learned decades earlier at my all-girls English school stood me in good stead. I had no trouble at all with pronunciation; astonishingly, from the dusty attic of my brain emerged long-forgotten words and phrases. Rehearsals began in late January and continued three times a week for three months.

Sometime in the early part of our gorgeous summer I acquired a nasty virus which knocked me off my feet for about five weeks. At least I could read my backlog of books, but I had no energy for anything else, really.

But now—at the end of August—I’m totally recovered; I’ve been feeling fine for at least a fortnight. And thoughts of marketing existing books and continuing to work on my latest novel are re-emerging from their unplanned hibernation.

Last Sunday our theatre group performed NUDE as a reading and fund-raiser for a local art gallery. In between times I critiqued a play a friend had written. Yes, it took time, but giving back and paying forward are important aspects of life, whatever one’s path. Luckily, our Pacific Northwest weather continues to be superb. Yesterday my husband and I picked luscious, plump blackberries right in our own back yard. In a week or two we’re planning a whale-watching day out. In the meantime there are barbeques, icecream socials and the like to tempt us.

I feel blessed. I have my health back. I’m ready to meet my creative challenges head-on.

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