December 8, 2017

Tags: Life is full of lessons; be careful what you say; you may get what you want, but not in the way you imagined you would.

The end of my first year of blogging is fast approaching. Were I to be judged on my efforts I'm sure I would come in at the lowest of the low ends of the score board. Blogging three times a week, as the experts tell me I should, strikes me as inconceivable. "Clearly", you must be saying: "blogging four times a year must strike you as equally inconceivable."

You are not necessarily right. You see, life is definitely unpredictable. When I last blogged in August, I had no idea I was going to become involved in a huge selling job. (I do business on two online sites; both can be time-consuming.) I had no idea illness was once again going to knock me off my feet for several weeks. Nothing of Biblical proportions smote me, but the nudge from the Universe was enough to prompt me to change my diet. Consequently I am now--in my mother tongue--a stone lighter than before. That is, 14-lbs. So, I say to you all, be careful what you ask for. I had longed to be a bit lighter, but I had not specified how I wanted that to come about. I should have emphasized good health.

Obviously, you see that I digress. I've said nothing at all about writing. But now I will.

I feel ready to tackle Book-in-Progress Number Four. Wish me luck.

I also feel ready to sell books directly from this website, if anyone is interested. Any of the three will be $10 each including free shipping via media mail.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year.

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