Promise me, darling girl, that you will take the helm, care for your Papa and the children, and hold the family together. For the past 7 of her 20 years LYDIA FULLERTON has kept her pledge to her dying mother.

But on this summer afternoon in 1887, while her young siblings frolic in the garden and Lydia reads her novel, dreaming of a life she knows she will never have, the sudden strident tolling of the church bells from next door shatters the silence ... And forever changes their lives.

Set adrift, rudderless, homeless and penniless, the three embark on a journey which eventually leads to their separation and Lydia's transportation halfway across the World. How will she keep her promise to her mother, now?

In 1940's London amid the mayhem of War, Eleanor Kingsley reels from the heartbreak of losing her husband and frets over the daunting prospect of single-handedly raising her teen-aged daughter and niece. A glimmer of hope ignites, however, with their evacuation to a rural village. Here, they not only befriend an American lieutenant but are billeted at a grand country house where hardships vanish and luxury abounds. But all is not as it seems within the family who take them in; unforeseen and dangerous agendas are present and tragic consequences ultimately ensue.

Here is an excerpt from a review I received during the summer of 2017 from the prestigious KIRKUS REVIEWS:

Davies-Owens’ latest offers strong character development and historical detail with just the right amount of intrigue and romance. Eleanor is a compelling, sympathetic hero whose love for her daughter and niece is as unwavering as her determination to provide a secure home for them. The supporting characters are similarly well-drawn.
Life in wartime London is sharply rendered, from the dangers of overnight bombings to the effects of rationing.
An entertaining, engaging historical novel that may appeal to Kate Morton fans.


Within the respectable confines of young Emma Cadman’s home on a quiet street in Victorian London, there exists a dark secret—a secret which eventually shatters her seemingly idyllic childhood and precipitates a string of nightmarish events.
A sudden death in the family and the unexpected penury that follows, force Emma and her mother to move to the home of poor relations in the industrial north. Haunted by the past they left behind, the duo must now face years of hard labour and dwindling expectations.
Eventually, fortune smiles on the mother and daughter and an opportunity arises for them to start over in the countryside with a cottage of their own. Here, they find a measure of contentment. And as Emma grows into womanhood she meets a kind Scotsman whose love will perhaps help her erase the ravages of her troubled past.

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